Bring It On, Texas

It’s almost a new year and it’s a time for setting goals into motion. Ideas and intentions need to be revived and re-energized.  The last blog I wrote was all about exploring Australia and discovering the ins and outs of being a solo traveler. We laughed, we cried, we asked for more pictures.

Now, I am taking on a task that may seem small time after the big Oz but it’s just as daunting.

I moved to Texas.

Growing up, I learned to dislike Texas. My dear old dad fled the state over 25 years ago looking for four individual seasons (not scorching hot and sort of mild), people who won’t cry over football games and a fresh start. I heard all about the arrogance of Texans (Sorry Dad, you’re not exempt), the love for guns, the terrible heat. When I got older and found myself in love with the finer things in life: art, music, travel, wine, and new possibilities, I knew I would never move to Texas. It would be suffocating both physically and emotionally.

But then I heard about Austin.

Soon after graduating college, I decided that my ultimate goal was to scare myself. Every life choice should be a challenge, an obstacle to make me stronger and more self-aware. And through these choices, I hope to become better equipped to find out what it is in life I’m truly after.

What’s scarier than a liberal moving to Texas? Kidding. Austin is obviously a haven for such people but of course, I don’t know any of these other people. I know a total of 4 people in Austin (two of whom are out of town). I don’t have a job and my financial safety net dwindles by the minute but it’s a recession and people everywhere are getting by. I can too.

I’ve started this blog to keep me motivated in the face of economic and social depression to explore Austin, explore Texas, and conquer the fear of going out into this so-called “real world”.

In the meantime I have a lovely lady to keep me company, Frank Two (didn’t name her, not my cat):


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