Inspiration Station

Side Note: I truly feel and have felt for some time that any word that ends with ‘tion’ should be followed by the word “station”.Example: Exploration Station, Inspiration Station, Hydration Station, etc. This might not be an admirable habit but it is one I can’t shake.

When a new project is started, the starter often needs to be inspired. He or she needs a muse or those parts of life commonly referred to as “the little things” to keep a mind in focus.

With this theme in mind I have the last 24 hours basically ignoring my pursuit of employment while dedicating myself to all things inspiring and joyful. I kicked this off last night with a viewing of Dead Poet’s Society… on VHS.  Nothing like Robin Williams spouting poetry to adolescent boys to stir the soul.

Today started off with a call from Nelli from Madrid. A little telephone TLC always sets the heart at ease. (Also this was made possible not by Skype which does not accept the 3G network as a form of wi-fi but Viper which lets iPhone users make calls for free, around the world! All you have to have is 3G or wi-fi. Easy peasy.)

I followed this with some yoga today. Thank you Dido at Castle Hill Fitness.Making the body feel good is definitely step number 1 to inspiration.

I finished my day of starting a blog, doing yoga and hanging out with Frank Two with a little gastronomical experimentation. I took some beef stew meat  (courtesy of H-E-B groceries), and started cooking it with garlic and onion. I added some kale, cooked it down with some lemon juice and seasoned it with salt, pepper and chili powder. As soon as I put it in my bowl  I added some goat cheese crumbles. Might not be the best recipe ever but for someone who needed a little iron and to get rid of the wilting kale in the fridge: perfection. Oh, this meal is not complete without a glass of red wine, must be on sale for sake of wallet. Done and done.


One thought on “Inspiration Station

  1. Subliminal advertising? (ps I tried SO hard to think of a synonym-ish pun to reference subliminal advertising, with a word that ends in “-tion” so that I could follow it with “station.” I gave up after about 5 seconds, as I tried to decide if I wanted yoga classes or beef.

    Your meal does sound delicious. I had cookies for dinner. At some point I will realize that while adulthood does come with the freedom to eat cookies for dinner, it should also, eventually, come with the wisdom not to.

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