Welcome 2011!

It’s a brand new year ladies and gentlemen! (Ha!, like there’s multiple reading this blog.)

I rang in the new year at a party with friends and strangers alike. Keeping with my new year’s tradition (this is not my choice, simply my bad luck) of not kissing at midnight I cheers-ed my neighbors with champagne in plastic cups and felt the promise of new possibilities that 2011 could bring.

Just kidding. At midnight obviously I was drunk and headed outside to get a cigarette even though I quit smoking a couple years ago. But let’s be honest, who brings in the new year with good habits? It’s the holidays. Your family stressed you out. You ate way too much. You didn’t exercise once. And your liver is screaming, “You’re going to regret this tomorrow!!” Ssshh liver. It’s New Year’s Eve. Who cares!?

Fast forward to January 2nd. Hangover is over. Sleep deprivation is dealt with. The replaying and reenacting of all bad choices and party’s hilarious events is pretty much played out. Time to get serious.

Time to go the gym, spend more time outside, quit smoking, rid your house of junk food, and remember to call your mother. Or whatever it is you’ve “resolved” to do this year.

I personally hate New Years Resolutions the way I hate diets. It’s all done insincerely, without much determination and certainly without the dedication to see those resolutions past a couple weeks. Don’t diet, change your lifestyle. Don’t just write a resolution, mean it, want it, want to change your life. Reinvent yourself.

But alas, as happens with most fads, I end up participating in some way. And certainly the start of a new year is as good time as any to reconsider the way I live my life and question the path I’m on. What can I do to to improve my life, better my perspective, make my life more meaningful?

So here am I again, going with the grain, being a sheep and all that and writing myself not resolutions but goals.

Goals for 2011:

Write: I should be blogging or writing in some form at least 5 days a week. If I want to really get better than this is the only way.

Explore: Pick something about Austin each week to explore. This is obviously also part of the whole blogging thing but some things need to be reinforced or reminded.

Put Myself Out There: Accept invitations. Invite new friends to dinner. Find somewhere to volunteer. Join a book club. Talk to people at yoga. Keep in touch with old and new friends.

Exercise: Find more ways to be outdoor. Do more yoga. Push the limits. Bike more.

Find a gosh darn job.

What are your goals for 2011?


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