The Online Diabolical Journey of Finding a Roommate

Otherwise known as:  Craigslist is my life.

Trying to find a room to rent if pretty comparable to online dating.  No one ever says too much.  Just enough to peak your interest. A photo of a window but never of a room. Only a few brief details about themselves and their place. 26/F, like movies.  Room is cosy. Location is north. While it would save all of us some time if these ads actually said anything, there’s very little to turn you off. Nothing is offensive or disheartening. And that’s how they keep people coming back for me. I’m intrigued so I send with (a wink and a nudge) a little introduction, 24/F, likes books, cooking and travel. And where a little box should be that says “Do you like me? Check yes here or no here. Maybe?”, instead I write, “Please contact if you feel there are possibilities here.” I feel it probably reads  just as desperate but I get a lot of responses back.

But just as in life, at the bar, or on the online dating site, there are always people who should learn to finesse a little.

$200 for this gem:

Hello, I live in a very drafty ghetto house, but it’s cute. I have a loud barking dog if he gets lonely, but super sweet and a great cuddler and the rooms are unfinished with a slight overbite of old dog piss, squirrels in the attic and all that jazz. It’s a tiny tiny room and you can’t own much, including a pet of your own. Very bohemian lifestyle, just a place to crash really. Am negotiable on the room, but the 200 will include your bills, as long as we can get along with a slightly lax but not absurdly gross cleaning habits. Must like good music. Temporary digs for someone on the wig, or whatever, if we click.

That one is one of my favorites. There was another about a boy and his best friend who needed a roomie that I totally dug until I found the pictures at the bottom. When advertising a room it’s probably best to show pictures of the room instead of one of your best model pose… with a mesh shirt pulled over your head to distort your face.

Be sure to get the best angle of your house before posting. Really make sure people see it all.

If you lived here, you'd be home already

If you lived here, you’d be home already.


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