Dream Big, Dream Hard, Dream Long

I had a customer one night at the bar who told me how as a young man he had dreamed of getting a VW van and driving across the world. And so that’s what he did. For two years he left everything and just picked up, flew to Europe, got a van and started driving. It was his dream and completing it left him open and free to explore new possibilities. He asked me what I was doing to work on accomplishing my dream. What was my dream?

Great question.. what is my dream? This is a monumental and defining question. And surprisingly, it’s one I find most people can answer very easily. One friend wants to be an adventure guide. Another wants his own ranch with horses. Another wants to be a great musician.

But I, somehow, am left from this vast array of individuals with dreams and goals. While I was once an incredibly passionate individual full of ideals for politics, literature, art and film; I am now left tediously considering every opinion, every action, every thought. I don’t know where my passion lies except in humanity, travel, great books and movies. And where does that lead me? Where should I go from here?


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