Chicken Shit Bingo

Have you ever heard or experienced such a phenomenon? It’s insanity. Don’t let his tiny, unassuming exterior fool you. Ginny’s Little Longhorn Bar is skinny and short but they still manage to pack in swarms of people, the famous Dale Watson band, two chickens and a bingo board.  Oh, and some free hot dogs.

This is how it works. At the appropriate time you buy a bingo ticket for $2. This is a random ticket that matches to a number on a large piece of plywood that has been sectioned off in a large squares.  On top of the plywood is a large cage, where one or two chickens are inside. And twenty people or more are gathered around waiting for one of them to poop. It sounds a bit inhumane but they only hang out in the cages during the game itself where they also get fed and petted, as if a nice feather petting will convince a bird to shit on your square. After the game they go back to their coop where I’m sure they mock the people inside who are so damn obsessed with their bowel movements. When the bird poops on your square you win some cash. I’m not sure if the amount changes based on how many is playing but yesterday a guy walked away with $228. Not bad for watching a chicken shit.

This is another must try in Austin. If not just to try and understand why in the world people would flock to a thing like this.

Good work Ginny.


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