I don’t know the proper word for it but I am a person obsessed with Australia. I spent a year as a backpacker there and now freak out at all Australian news, Australian music and any other run-ins with Australian culture. This is why I love my neighborhood store, the Hyde Park Market also known as Flag Mart.  There’s a lot to love without being an Australia freak. While it’s a tiny gas station convenience store, it’s packed to the brim with beers from around the world, yummy snacks, and any household you might need such as flashlights, door knobs, electrical tape, etc. Of course, it’s a little overpriced but this is probably because they stock a lot of items no one probably ever buys.

The moment I was completely sold was when I saw Cooper’s beer… in all three types! I can buy stout, sparking ale or my favorite, the pale ale! This might mean very little to most people and even a lot of Australians thinks Cooper’s tastes like sludge but this was always my beer of choice. To top it all off they have tasty treats like Maltesers, Mars bars, Aero, Chomp and other candy bars Americans would be puzzled by.

Thank you Hyde Park Market for keeping my love of Australia alive and on my taste buds.



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