Oldies Night? Be Still My Heart.

Growing up ever Sunday night my dad set up the grill in the backyard. He and my mom cracked open ice cold beers. The oldies station got cranked up all the way (thank you Oldies 93.1, R.I.P) for the Sunday night beach music. (If you’re not familiar with beach music visit the Carolinas and learn to shag– that’s dancing, by the way. Someone’s mind is the gutter, geez. Prime examples are The Tams or General Johnson and the Chairman of the Board.) These memories are golden to me. It was a night when everyone felt happy to be together no matter what was going on.

Sunday night was only the best of the seven nights a week we listened to the Oldies station. I didn’t know there was other music until I was exposed to Alanis Morsette and the Spice Girls in the fifth grade. As a result my love for Oldies runs deep.

This is where my Thursday night experience at Barbarella’s comes in. This is my new fave spot for Thursdays. Nothing gets me like smoke machines, liquor, sweaty crazy dancin’ folk and non-stop music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Thank you Barbarella’s, that was well worth the bicycle injury I suffered to get there. I’ll be seeing you again.


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