The Useless Things I’ve Learned At SXSW

Things I’ve learned since the start of SXSW:

Paper IDs that the State of Texas has issued you and are totally valid will do nothing but hold you back. My night ended early Wednesday because I was tired of being turned down by bars.

Bars that say they have free food and beer often do not.

Trailers make the best drunk food. Recommendations here are the trailers on East 6th, especially the taco one. Yes, to the Margarita taco as well as Mi Madre. Last night I had a great steak fajita quesadilla from one on West 6th across from Star Bar.

Celebrity sightings are always talked about but never happen to me. This year the names on people’s lips are Bill Murray and Michael Cera. Both of whom I’d be happy to meet and become the personal friends of. And yet, no.

Now is a very easy but horribly inconvenient time to get sick. I spent a lot of money today purchasing immune boosting goodies.

Don’t drive. Wear sunscreen. Green beer stains your teeth.

Everyone on the street wants to high five you.

Quit your day job. The best free things happen during the day. The night time is for the big spenders and/or the extremely touristy and dedicated.


One thought on “The Useless Things I’ve Learned At SXSW

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