Aren’t You Impressed?

Being sick is the pits. I’m constantly coughing and sniffling. I keep my head down, not making eye contact with anyone. I know people near me are disgusted and worried they’re going to catch my germs. I’m also secretly waiting, after each good hack, for someone to say “Goodness, that sounds awful.” This statement could go two ways. They could follow that up with, “You should just go home. Skip the rest of the day of work.” Without hesitation I jump up and am out the door before you can say “Feel better!” The other way this could go (in the absence of sending me home from work) is I respond with, “Oh, it sounds so much worse than it is. I really think it’s getting better.” And then people think I’m really tough and are impressed with my ability to withstand this torturous cough that I actually hate and desperately want to rid myself of.

Either way I currently can’t live without NyQuil. And my brand new stand up oscillating fan is my new best friend. Apparently it’s spring in the rest of the Northern Hemisphere but here in Austin summer’s starting. I already feel certain I will crack under the pressure of the summer heat in a few months time.


2 thoughts on “Aren’t You Impressed?

  1. I’m far far from Austin – in the UK – but there’s a guy who lives in your city whose work I admire. He’s a photographer when he’s not sorting out the city transit system. His blog is here
    You could check it out. Might cheer you up to see parts of Austin in ways you hadn’t seen before.

    • I really enjoyed looking at his photographs! Great suggestion. It’s always nice to get a fresh perspective/angle on the things you get used to seeing! I’m finally not coughing the whole night long so I’m excited to get back to exploring Austin!

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