I Want to Hold Your Hand

My fella doesn’t believe me when I tell him I’ve never had a boyfriend before. It doesn’t seem natural to him.  I have trouble telling people I have a boyfriend, the word is so foreign on my tongue. I call him my fella, my gentlemen caller, my beau. I make a big joke out of it, making a scene of my names for him. And yet when I finally call him my boyfriend, he tells me he’s honored… and means it.

The world of romance is so foreign to me but for the first time I don’t feel jaded. I feel aware of why people do things they obviously shouldn’t when matters of the heart are involved. Holding hands is something I’ve never been privy to before. Waking up every day with someone makes me have a whole new appreciation for the morning. I bought a fan and he put it together for me just because he wanted to make my life easier. I got sick and he brought me NyQuil and movies. He rubbed my back when I couldn’t stop hacking my lungs out. He plans picnics and makes sure to include avocados.

I just want to say thank you to my boyfriend for making me not so afraid of the unknown and of possibilities that involve more than myself. And best of luck on your journey to Alaska and your life there.


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