A Redneck’s Delight

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression here. The place I’m about to describe should actually be delightful to anyone. Krause Springs is about 45 minutes west of Austin and an amazing spot. It’s a camping spot but they do allow for people to come on the property just during the day for a $5 fee.

There’s 32 springs on the property and an awesome swimming hole with a rope swing and a cliff to jump off. We kept trying to explore the property and were often interrupted by fences and no tresspassing signs but there was a good amount of walking to be done despite that.

But the people watching was probably my highlight. It’s certainly a popular spot for both the youthful partiers and the big family outings. I highly recommend if you’re bring the kids, to camp away from the redneck party people cause it is going on all night long. We definitely watched some of our newfound friends consume three handles of whiskey, an incredible amount of beer (all bonged) and four boxes of wine in a 24 hour period. They continued to do impressiveĀ back flips off between beer bongs late into the afternoon. My favorite new friend, Estelle, and I had a long talk where I learned she’d been fired from every job she’d ever had– “But thank God I’m pretty! I mean, really, girls don’t like me cause I’m so pretty and intimidating.” Yep, that’s exactly it. Nothing like being self-aware.

Definitely an A+ location. Great camping spot. Hilarious neighbors. Very pretty scenery and a perfect 70F swimming hole. Yes, please.


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