Hope List- Item #1

Whenever things aren’t going well, I start to write. I write everything down, even the mundane things I need to do in the day: get gas, wash face, eat daily bowl of ice cream, wash bowls for ice cream. In addition to this; however, I write things like a bucket list. A bucket list sounds sad, though. It sounds like the end is approaching. My life isn’t ending. It’s barely begun. So I have a hope list – all the things I hope to do in my life.

There is no order of importance in the hope list. Nothing ranks above another. I will share them only in the order I wrote them.

Item #1: Dance Everyday. This can and should happen in my car, while I wait for my meal to heat in the microwave, naked in my room while singing into a hairbrush, out on the town with friends, to live music and just maybe in a dance class. I’ve started looking around town for adult dance classes! Wish me luck in finding something affordable!

Not quite like this.

This is more like it. Definitely more like this.


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