I love you, summer.

With shorts already on my body and plans for swimming and barbecue growing by the minute: I like to look at A Guide to Life in the Summertime all the time.

When I’m not doing that, I’m laying on a yellow towel in the park across from my house reading Austin Monthly’s “111 Fun things to do this summer” and planning the next three months of my life.  Planning the summer is best done while soaking up sun (lots of sunscreen!) and watching others outside: playing basketball, taking their families to the swings, playing tennis poorly, reading books under a tree, couples making out in the corner of a park with the air of new love.

All summer plans should be made in detail and never, ever kept. They should be thrown into the air with total abandon. Those who made the plans should then run without looking back directly summer without guidance, armed only with sunscreen, ice cold beverages and the idea that anything can happen in the summertime.


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