Adventure Saturdays

Adventure Saturdays is the newest of my favorite days of the week. They don’t occur weekly but fairly often and involve a few minimum requirements:

1. Leaving Austin: The venture doesn’t have to be far but it must leave the city limits. The Hill County is beautiful and meant to be explored!

2. Something delicious must be consumed.

3. Car rides to and from this location are meant to be used for gossip and major discussions about relationships, etc.

4. Sunshine, if at all possible.

Our first adventure occured two weeks ago with a trip to Fredricksburg. This idea came from Austin Monthly’s 111 Fun Things to Do in the Summer. It’s a pretty cute town, full of signs of German heritage, fun boutiqes and shops, and peaches. As you drive from Austin, wineries pop up on the left and right–even a lavender farm!

While Fredricksburg was an enjoyable trip, it certainly couldn’t top last week’s Water Park Birthday/Adventure Sunday trip to Schlitterbahn! I was incredibly impressed at one of Texas’s oldest water parks. My group of adventurers was there when the doors opened and left with employees shooing us out the gate. We came back sunburned, wallets empty, a bit beery and weary. Perfection. This was definitely my best water park birthday ever. Hello 25! Prepare to the best year yet!


One thought on “Adventure Saturdays

  1. Hey, I was hoping to get in touch with you for a Daily Texan article I’m writing about the Hargrave Arcade. The story is due tomorrow at noon, so if you have a chance before then, I’d love to chat.

    -Aaron West

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