Paramount Theater

When I was five, I had the chicken pox. It was terrible. I stayed out of school for over a week with nothing to do but take oatmeal baths, itch and watch movies. Since I couldn’t sleep, after only a few days I had watched all our movies twenty times each time. Each morning my dad went to Blockbuster and brought me a stack. Finally one day, he brought me home West Side Story. From the moment I heard the first snap of the fingers of a shark or a jet I was hooked. It was the only movie I watched the rest of the time I was sick. It was the start of a lifetime of love for classic films. Later when I was introduced to the bright, child-like innocence of Audrey Hepburn, the allure of Marilyn Monroe, the incredible sensual elegance of Grace Kelly, a few great names among many of their time.

And that is why I love The Paramount Theater. Their summer movie series features some of the greatest classic films you already knew and loved or were always told to see and other films you can’t understand why you’ve spent a life without. The theater is beautifully painted and the movies are reasonably priced. And when you watch Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant dance across the screen or sit through your first Orson Welles film, you are transported to a place so full of innocence and life that it is almost beyond the imagination and yet, it didn’t happen all that long ago.


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