Sit Down Restaurants Are For Dummies

Food Trailers make my life. I’m not kidding. East 6th Food Trailer Park is a glorious semi-circle of culinary delights. To the left you’ll experience all the tastes of Greece, to the right a trailer just for egg sandwiches. I love eggs! Look forward to Mexico and a trailer dedicated only to bacon. Just to bacon! I would dedicate my life to bacon if wouldn’t also simultaneously destroy it…. Nothing like rapid weight gain and clogged arteries to ruin a girl’s day.

But then maybe you’re already at the bar. And you’re hungry. But it’s a bar, they don’t serve food…Except there’s a food trailer in the back yard! Destiny! Who would have thought of such a thing?

My new love: Liberty Bar


The Liberty sells my new fave beer Fire Eagle by Austin Beer Works (as well as many other fine beverages I never stop to sample). They also have an enormous outside area filled picnic tables and to top it all off a food trailer out back. As you walk outside you’ll start the delicious smells of beets frying and chicken cooking with onions , cilantro and jalapenos. Your knees will weaken, your mouth will water and your feet will inevitably end up right in front of East Side King. Eat it. You’ll love it.


On an another note, I thought I’d google image search: ruin a girl’s day and this is what I found:



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