Learn It From Me

I’m new to this whole relationship thing. I have trouble understanding how to balance the things I used to do by myself with all the time I now spend with someone else. Like how do I clean my room if he wants to hang out? Apparently the answer was give him a book to read. Another question: when do I find time to do errands? Answer: He doesn’t mind going along. He doesn’t have a car. This is an opportunity for him. This relationship has taught me some other basic things about myself:

1. I’m an excellent choice of person to bring to a haunted house. I’m not a screamer but I teeter constantly on the edge of freaking out. My boyfriend spent our entire haunted house adventure, laughing his ass off behind me. Without thinking about it, every time a “monster” jumped out at me I shouted “Hello!” or “How are you?”. It made the situation seem not real. So if you want a big laugh at a haunted house or you don’t want to be the biggest scaredy cat of the group, pick me!

2. I would rather quit than try harder. This is a terrible thing to learn about yourself. In reality it’s something I have always known but periodically have to be reminded of. My boyfriend convinced me to play tennis this weekend and as it turns out, it takes practice (duh!).  I missed the ball repeatedly of course and found myself running all over the course like an idiot. About half way through, he eagerly asked me “Are you having fun?” No, cause I’m a ridiculous stick in the mud. I was able to eventually pull myself together and have fun for a few minutes but I am definitely not the person you want to teach a sport to. I am no fun.

3. I cannot stand watching football. I have very little patience for it. If you’re going to make me watch football, please get me a book to read or some sort of puzzle to entertain myself with. Or better yet, if you know you’re going to watch football and I ask if you want to hang out, say No! I will be disappointed when I come over and I’m required to watch anything more than 5-10 minutes of a game. I don’t make anyone watch Pan Am or romantic comedies with me. It’s cruel. I am not a good sport at this.

As you can tell, this has been a big time for growth.


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