I Am Martha Stewart

Okay, not really. I have no felony convictions at this time and most of my arts and crafts come out a little messed up but I do try!

This year’s Thanksgiving potluck was an absolute success. The tables looked pretty and everyone left feeling uncomfortably full. I’ve never seen so much food outside a K&W cafeteria! And this was much much better. We’re talking turkey, two different kinds of stuffing, goat cheese mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, a picnic basket full of rolls, two loaves of homemade bread, spinach madeline, pumpkin pie, two apple pies and 5 different kinds of cookies. And I know I’m leaving some things out here. Overwhelming!!

Yes, my table settings are gorgeous. Thank you for noticing.

Why yes, this does taste better than it looks. That’s Mama Connie’s Sweet Potato Casserole Crunch and Aunt Merle’s spinach madeline. Delish.

Friends love it when you take pictures of them when they’re eating.


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