Welcome 2012!

The last year has treated me very well. I moved to Austin in December of 2010 and while my time here has had highs and lows, it has been overall, an overwhelming success. I have a good, steady job. I’ve made some great friends. I have too many roommates but my rent is reasonable and my house location’s is optimal (read: close to multiple sources of beer).

But we’re entering a new year and the goal is always to do better, so it’s time to lay out the New Year’s resolutions for 2012:

1. Be more honest. Not just honest but forthcoming. If I am uncomfortable with something, or lacking something, I need to bring this topic up. I can’t just wait for it to become too much.

2. Fitness, fitness, fitness! Where did all my yoga time go? Every since the boy came back from Alaska, I have replaced morning yoga time with morning cuddle time. I also noticed I now rush home from work to make plans with him rather than puruse possible yoga class options. I went to my first yoga class of the year yesterday and really enjoyed it. Yoga combined with bicycling will hopefully bring me back to the fitness level I’d like to be at.

3. Write more. This is a resolution every year. I’ve let this blog fall to the wayside, my romance novel stopped at 15 pages and my daily journaling is nonexistent. Time to pick up the slack.

I also am going to take better advantage of living in Austin. This involves joining a Bookclub at Bookpeople and finally using my Groupon that I bought for Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing. Watch out y’all!


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