Family On Facebook

There are many reasons why you should not friend your family on Facebook. It mainly has to do with the posts and photos they will see of you. Like all the photos that brought you to this point:

I’m the person up top, just to clarify. Everyone has these. In fact the picture above is something that can easily be chalked up to enthusiasm. But smart, Facebook savvy parents know that your enthusiasm usually comes from very fun beverages.

The biggest and most overlooked concern about friending family on Facebook is what you will be forced to look at (and cannot stop). Your mother will post treats like this:

There is nothing I like less than cheesy, sickly sweet forwards. Yes, the intention is good but honestly I know you like me. I really don’t want you to send this kind of mass generated crap to me. I will love you regardless. Let’s say I love over the phone, like normal families. I realize this is a clear cut example of just being embarrassed by your mother. Just because I’m 25 doesn’t mean I don’t still roll my eyes and go “Aw, Mooooommmm,” on a regular basis.

This the worst of the family Facebook relations. My thirteen year old cousin. He puts every single emotion that ever passes through his body on Facebook. He rags on his parents, talks about being sad, posts shirtless photos. All the things that thirteen year boys should be doing obviously (except maybe actually hanging out with friends in person?).  Even though I hate reading all his posts, I can’t stop. If I run across one I have to read it. Today I saw this:

Yes, I read all 47 comments.

Here’s a peek at some of the insightful comments:

I read 47 comments by thirteen year old children. And now I’m all in a huff about my cousin’s ridiculous breakup.

Do Not Let Your Family Friend You On Facebook. Your IQ and general positive attributes will suffer.


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