I was stuck in traffic for hours because of the Austin Livestrong Marathon this weekend, but looking at these photos and reading this blog put everything in perspective for me. This is a beautiful event.

Behind the Scene with Bean

I don’t run. I take that back, I don’t run for fun. I tried years ago and I will say it did make me feel wonderful afterwards, but my knees..not so much. So I gave up my ishuffle ( rather, I lost it)  and threw out my running shoes…(donated) 🙂

I truly admire those who run for fun and exercise, those who run for awesome charities like the Livestrong foundation and those who set goals for themselves to prove they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.  Running clears your mind, running feels invigorating when your heart is pumping, you feel what it means to be alive!, I get it, I do. I’m pretty sure that’s why so many people are doing it these days! 😉

Which is why I attended the LIVESTRONG Marathon in downtown Austin the other day.

When I first moved to Austin a year and half ago…

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