Have Y’all Been to the White Horse Yet?

I am a fan of all things East Side Austin. Current fave music venue on the east side is definitely the  new and always packed White Horse. Hole in the Wall regulars followed their favorite bartender Dennis O’Donnell to his new bar (as in he owns it, not just tends bar), White Horse. This place has been packed from the git-go. I went the first night they had liquor (actually not the first night they were open strangely enough) and was instantly charmed by the comfortably large dark space. I watched two separate ceiling panels fall on customers but each of these incidents was handled quickly and with whiskey. Since then the ceiling seems to remain in tact. Better luck next time, folks.

For a crowded place, it rarely feels uncomfortably packed. There’s a small but good selection of beers on tap as well as bottled beers. Lonestars and whiskey rule the roost. The dance floor is kept busy with two-steppin’ fools and other follies. Check out regular players: Mike and the Moonpies  or Rosie and the Ramblers.

This weekend I was lucky enough to see White Ghost Shivers. I think this video speaks for itself.

Yes, that banjo player is 7 feet tall.


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