355 Days Until SXSW 2013

Do you know the feeling I call SXSW exhaustion? You do, don’t you? It’s what happens after after thousands of people flood the city where you live for about 10 days and every thing is taken over. You can’t avoid festivities. I am impressed if you don’t attend a single gathering, cause I know your friends are there. They, at least, comb downtown for free drinks and giveaways. They, at least, go to Auditorium Shores for free music. You, at least, got stuck in the traffic. I can’t find any hard numbers on attendees but it appears that between 24,000-30,000 people attended SXSW last year. Who knows who many this year?

And now SXSW is over and I am left with my free bottle openers, cigarettes (even though I don’t smoke), sunglasses, T-shirts, CDs of bands I have never heard of, ponchos and flash drives, and a feeling of never wanting to go out again. Goodbye SXSW. See you next year.


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