Absolutely Shocking

First of all, I like the Hunger Games. It was definitely not the best movie I’ve ever seen but it certainly kept my attention. I enjoyed the characters and was pleasantly surprised with the ways the plot was portrayed. I don’t think book was dishonored.

But what is with the racist uproar? There were two black tributes in the movie and a total of three prominent black characters. I don’t think this accurately demonstrated the diversity of America. Where were the Hispanic, Asian or Native American characters? Despite the fact that most of the characters were white, fans seem to be in some sort of uproar over the two District 11 characters.

Access the article here

This is disgusting. I wish I did not have to know about the people who have disgraced themselves with these comments wishing Rue and Thresh were white. These characters were apart of some of the most powerful scenes of the movie. Your comments are actively trying to destroy my enjoyment. Get over your racism. It’s pathetic.


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