Painting with a Twist

I went to an art class this week at Painting with a Twist. In Austin it’s located up north at Burnet and 183 although I believe it is a franchise. My coworker had suggested we go to this class, drink wine, eat snacks and create a masterpiece as instructed, step by step. Since the boyfriend went back to Alaska this week, why not?! While I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, I wouldn’t call it garbage either. 


It was definitely an expensive night out at $45 plus booze (don’t go without it), but a pretty fun one. I got to participate in something artistic and no one threatened to throw my art piece out for being under par (a common feature at our college art parties). I chatted with other ladies from around Austin about crafts and how poorly we thought our artwork was coming along. And eventually we were all boozed up enough to look at our art and be satisfied. 

Just follow Painting with a Twist’s step number 4. “When in doubt bring cup to mouth, sip, repeat.”


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