How Do You Thank A Mother?

It’s almost impossible to truly thank your mom for the things she’s done for you. She birthed you! That’s pretty good right now. I, for one, am glad to be here. But let’s be honest, it’s the little things that make a mom.

My mama, me and my Nene

The littlest things:

She makes me peanut butter toast when I ask her, even though I am fully capable of making it for myself. She also always offer to refill my cup of tea when she is getting up to refill her own.

When I feel sick she runs her fingers ever so lightly on my face and arms to make me relax.

She can tell when I’ve called her just to chat and I have nothing to say. She goes out of her way to ask me all sorts of questions just to keep me on the phone.

Even though I’m only ever able to visit for a couple days maybe once a year, her cabinets are always stocked with my favorite goodies.

She “adopts” stray college and graduate students on a regular basis, giving them a home away from home, but it never makes me feel less loved.

When I studied abroad she secretly got a passport in case I needed her. She didn’t tell me about it until years afterward.

She honestly would rather be with her children and grandchildren than anywhere else, even when we’re annoying. And we are.


Maybe it’s easier to be a good mom when you come from a line of good moms. Here is my mom at her wedding to my dad with my sister, my grandmother and my great-grandmother.

Thank you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! I’m proud that you’re my mama.



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