If You Could Have Dinner With Five People Dead or Alive… Part 2

Nominee #3: Leonardo daVinci

I think this is a pretty obvious choice. For one, this dinner is so far lacking in a male presence. Second, this man was clearly a genius who was also centuries before his time.

He was the very definition of a renaissance man with talents ranging from art to math to science to music to botany. Jealous, yet? This would be the friend you love to hate.

He was able to imagine and express ideas for a calculator, a tank and a helicopter. Can you imagine what he could do now?!

I’m a little concerned that someone so smart and so talented may not be fun at dinner but I’m willing to take the risk. Plus, when I think of da Vinci I sadly often think of… Ever After. Does anyone else has this problem? If that interpretation of him is even remotely accurate, I feel confident we’ll get along wonderfully (plus he’ll change my life and help me marry the man of my dreams and escape my job).

Welcome to the party Leo (if I can call you that?)

Nominee #4: King Arthur

I know this is one is a bit out of left field but it’s good, right? Who wouldn’t want to meet King Arthur?! I have so many questions for him.

Did you really pull the sword out of the stone?

Is your table really round?

Did your wife’s affair (if she really had one) really ruin the kingdom or was this just a story used to glorify the kingdom and cover the real political issues?

Did you know you might be the last unblemished political leader in the history of the world and I’m not sure how legit you even are?

Do you look anything like this?

That question is kind of a big one. I hope he’s not intimidated.

Nominee #5: Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jean Baker

I know this Hollywood star might have a lot of these type of invitations but I’m pretty curious to know what she was really like. She’s more legend than woman it seems and you have to wonder about the person she was before Hollywood formed Marilyn. Who was Norma Jean Baker?

I learned a lot about the person and the legend when I wrote my thesis on JCO’s Blonde (we can discuss this when everyone arrives) and there seems more mystery than fact, more pain than joy, more drugs than sobriety and more intelligence than meets the eye. Who is this woman who married both Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller?

I’m not too sure but I have a bit of a friend crush on her so I hope she comes to my party.

Who would come to dinner with you?


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