Rory Gilmore Reading List

I know Girlmore Girls is a little “back in the day” and all but I will always have a place in my heart for the Girlmore Girls and for Rory Gilmore’s love of books. In high school I was never seen without a book. It was always tucked in my purse or in the pocket of my green army jacket (yes, I was that girl). Today I’m still never far from a good book! I always have a stack waiting to be read. Maybe I’ll have to add Rory’s reading list to my stack!

Rory’s Reading List


2 thoughts on “Rory Gilmore Reading List

  1. I love trying to keep up with Rory’s reading list when I re-watch my Gilmore Girls DVDs. I was that kid too, and I couldn’t help but relate to her need for more than one book in her school bag!

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