Best Way to Spend a Lunch Break

Now don’t write me off as some hipster/hippie/new age whatnot but the best way to spend a lunch break may be a yoga class. Today I went to one of Black Swan Yoga’s 45 minute lunch time yoga classes. It literally turned my entire day around.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, feeling unsettled and out of sorts. I got to work and continued to hate life. Then I decided I’d try one of the lunch time yoga classes I’d heard about. This is something I’d always wanted to do in my old position but was unable to because of the nature of my job. But today I changed and ran over and spent 45 minutes completely and utterly disconnected from the office. Those 45 minutes allowed me to reset the way a normal lunch break never lets me. I highly recommend it if you have the opportunity!

My next goal is to start swimming laps on my lunch or after work, maybe at Deep Eddy Pool but I’m such a bad swimmer that I’m pretty intimidated. Guess I better just get over it! Wish me luck!


One thought on “Best Way to Spend a Lunch Break

  1. Yesterday was my first time back to practicing yoga after almost two months recovering from my injury. That one hour completely lifted my spirits and changed my attitude to one of gratitude and positivity. I’m so happy yoga is now back in my life!

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