Traveler’s Envy

I may not be traveling but I can still read the stories of folks who are.

This is Summer Aventuras, a blog of a girl I grew up with. She’s spending her summer in Guatemala and Honduras conducting a study. It has something to do with public health and sampling but to honest may be entirely above my head. Nonetheless I enjoy reading her experiences abroad as she experiences South American culture, something I have never experienced first hand.

This one, Vague Plans in Faraway Lands, is a blog from a girl I met studying abroad in Scotland. She’s Australian and and adventurer. In the last couple weeks she moved to the UK. She’s spending a few weeks (or months?) traveling before finding a job in Edinburgh. I am incredibly jealous of her and her EU passport. Nothing like the freedom to stay in another country as long as you want and have absolutely no work restrictions. Ugh, I’m green with envy.

Enjoy their stories!


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