My Fast Food Break Up

I don’t boycott many companies. Mainly because I’m terrible at maintaining my protests. I was boycotting Coke but my company stocks our fridges here with free Coke products. When I’m hungover, I lose all my principles. I boycott Dove because while they have every woman is beautiful campaigns in the US, their main products abroad deal with skin whitening. It was hard to give up their deoderant though and I really miss their body wash.

Chick-fil-a is a company I’ve been avoiding for several years. It is incredibly hard to resist their waffle fries and chicken strips but their open campaign against gay marriage and civil unions is enough to keep me shopping elsewhere. Luckily to top it all off, they strive to only hire individuals with “good values” and question job candidates about their church attendance.

I normally keep my politics to myself but the news about Chick-fil-a is catching on and I, peanut gallery as always, wanted to put my two cents in. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like our individual opinions count for much, but money always talks. It is important as important to support companies with good business practices as it is to support local businesses. Sorry Chick-fil-a. I wish we could work it out but it just doesn’t look good.


2 thoughts on “My Fast Food Break Up

  1. This is the absolute dumbest thing I have ever seen! Truett Cathy and Chik fil a run an incredible family owned business and have done nothing but reinvest into communities and charities worldwide. It makes no sense that just because one man expresses that he chooses to follow biblical principles (the very same ones our country was founded on) now has to undergo scrutiny from a bunch of ridiculous, extremely ineffective boycotts. Its no secret this company has grown every single year for over 40 years now, I don’t think anything has changed morally that entire time so I don’t expect anything else too.

    • Thank you for your tactful and polite comment on this post. My point is not that anything will change or even should. Dan Cathy has every right and should follow his principles, even if I believe them to be misguided. My comments is a two parter, one of principle and one of business.
      One: My principles are that I would prefer to not support and therefore visit a business that I don’t agree with the principles or business practices of. If your values agree with those of Chick-fil-a, why would you change? Why don’t so I’m not saying the business should change, I am. I’m not going.
      Two: If you don’t want a backlash or bad PR, keep your opinions to yourself instead of announcing them to the media. No matter what you say, many people will always disagree with you and it will often blow up in your face. For example…

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