It’s August?!

Um, I don’t know if you’re aware of this but it’s August 4th today. I mean this as in, it is already August! I am totally unprepared for this. The majority of summer is over (if you think on school year terms which I still do even though I haven’t been a student in four years), I’ve already moved to my new apartment (tres chic, indeed), and I go to Alaska to visit the boy next week! Say, what?! I’m not sure how all this time snuck past me but it certainly has.

I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish this summer based primarily off of Austin Monthly’s 112 Fun Things to do in the Summer. Unfortunately I’m a little behind.

Summer 2012:

  1. Try a Saturday morning dance class at Tapestry. Every Saturday morning they have a free adult intro class at 11! Haven’t done this yet but I really want to.
  2. Paddleboard Yoga. Tell me that doesn’t sound fun? Failed attempt at crow ends with you taking a dip? That’s a challenge I’d like to try.
  3. Hamilton Pool. I got rained out of this one so I still need to go. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? In this heat, we need an oasis like this one. 
  4. Try a cooking class. Apparently you can volunteer at Central Market to assist with their cooking classes and therefore attend them for free! Still need to set that up… Geez, what a failure.
  5. Let’s talk about something I did do. I did go see a roller derby match between the Rhinestone Cowgirls and the Cherry Bombs. That was my first bout that I’ve even been to. Pretty incredible. I definitely think watching Whip It left me unprepared for what roller derby was all about but it confirmed that I think roller derby chicks are bad ass!
  6. Blues on the Green. This event is insanely popular. I went to two or three this year as there comes a  point when I’m just over it. Every other Wednesday during the summer Austin crowds into Zilker park to watch free music (big names this year included Ben Kweller) and drink. It’s a nice way to spend your Wednesday but it can be hectic trying to meet up with friends and you end up hearing very little of the actual music with all the chitchat.
  7. Lick Ice Cream. This place is fantastic. I had been wanting to visit this innovative ice cream shop since I read about it’s opening in the Chronicle. I finally visited it around Father’s Day when I indulged in a small cup (two small scoops). One scoop was salted caramel (not a huge fan). The other was strawberry basil (absolutely a huge fan!).  This shop has flavors based on all sorts of crazy things like beets, carrots, rosemary, chevre. To some, this may be a little frightening. To me, this is heaven.

This is only a small sample of my failed and successful summer plans. I may have been a little ambitious as I also wanted to go to an anti-gravity yoga class, a glass blowing class, go toobing, visit Driskill Bar, go an Austin brewery tour, and the list goes on. Apparently there just aren’t enough days in the summer!


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