Doing Austin Right

I don’t have that many opportunities to show folks around Austin (hint hint: come visit me!) so when my friend from high school, Caroline, came to visit I figured I’d better do it right.

First step: Introduce Caroline to awesome Austin people. If she’s going to want to move here then she’s going to need to think Austin people are welcoming and friendly. This is easy. Austin residents are welcoming and friendly. I ended up taking her to two supper clubs. Having someone welcome you into their home and cook you dinner for the price of bringing a drink to share is pretty awesome.

Second step: Take Caroline to some of Austin’s fine bars. We hit Kung Fu Saloon and Ginger Man. Unfortunately Ginger Man led to… Sixth St. Whoops. Not exactly Austin’s finest but a classic tourist destination.This ended with a long, long wasted Saturday full of recovery. But we drank, we danced, and we didn’t get thrown up on. Success.

Third step: Be totally shown up by Caroline’s music seeking initiative. She won free spots at the Do512 lounge to see These United States,

Quiet Company

and Uncle Lucius.

I wasn’t really familiar with any of these bands and all were fantastic. I’m glad I crawled through my hungover haze to enjoy this music along I was not able to muster up the courage to drink any of the free beer. There was also delicious free food. Do512, you are ridiculously awesome.

Step Four: Go swimming. We didn’t make it to Barton Springs but Caroline did take me to her brother’s neighborhood pool so it was a partial accomplishment.

All in all, I’d say we did Austin right. So the moral of the story is, I’m such a good hostess I’ll both cause and pull through hangover hell for you, IF you would just come visit. Do it. 


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