Finally, someone who understands my true love for cheese!


I admit it. I’m a cheese freak, a cheese chomper, a cheese lover. I’m not addicted to its taste and texture, at least I don’t think I am, but meals and life would be bland without cheese.

Ever since I can remember cheese has captivated me. When young, it was Scottish Cheddar, occasionally Dunlop. That’s all that was available. Traditional Scottish cheeses had disappeared and it took decades for us to rediscover the will and prowess for making fabulous cheese.

Process cheese entered the arena, its slices alluring to those who disliked cutting slices for sandwiches; or the triangles of the spreading variety whose taste hovered somewhere between plastic and sawdust with a consistency that stuck to teeth and roof of mouth like rogue bubble-gum mixed with wood glue.

No, for me cheese has to be cheese. The natural and simple process of turning milk into cheese was first revealed…

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