A Few of My Favorite Halloween Things!

Halloween is not my favorite holiday but it is a pretty great one. Here are a few of my favorite Halloween things:

1. Eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate candy. (Duh.)

Reese’s are my favorite.

2. Clever Halloween costumes such as:

I’m a sucker for Up!


Tell me this isn’t both clever and adorable!

3. Carving pumpkins! My pumpkins never come out like anything special but I still have fun doing it and greatly admire the works of others.

Pretty awesome!

How the heck do you get one this big? Do you think it’s real?

My Alaskan fella’s pumpkin looks like this one. He’s named it after his roommate.

4. And my most favorite thing about Halloween… Little Trick or Treaters!

I love parents who give their kids ridiculous, not-adorable costumes.

I’m particularly partial to these little ones. I wish I got kids coming to my house!

One of the things I like least about them are slutty costumes. Yes, I too want to look cute on Halloween but there’s got to be a line somewhere.. right?









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