Blogging or TV?

I wish I was being better about blogging regularly but my internet has only been working sporadically in the last few weeks. (And the boss tends to frown on my desire to blog during the work day. What’s up with that?) So every time my internet is fully functional I think, “I should post something today!” but this is always over run by my desire to watch Vampire Diaries on Netflix. Don’t judge me. I know it’s wrong to watch a trashy show meant for high schoolers. Sometimes I watch documentaries too!

That was a lie. I’m sorry. I only think about watching documentaries but I almost always go back to the next episode of my favorite youthful vampire drama. I can’t wait til I’ve seen all the episodes so I won’t find myself staying up til 1 on a weekday watching it. One day I’ll grow up.



One thought on “Blogging or TV?

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