Just kidding. This post isn’t about being thankful. I am thankful though. Aren’t you? I’m thankful for family, friends, my job, my man and all the wonderful things we all love about life. I’m thankful my roommate is out of town and I can spend all weekend in my undies on the couch. I’m thankful my boyfriend bought Pringles original to snack on while I bake Thanksgiving treats. I’m thankful for my five days of vacation off of work!

But I am not thankful that I am missing my most favorite part of Thanksgiving in the world. Unfortunately my most favorite part is not family or friends (although let’s be honest it’s pretty high up there). It’s turkey. Not just any turkey- a Greenburg turkey. This turkey is like heaven in your mouth. It’s smoked and injected with pepper. The moment you bring that turkey into your house, every room fills with this delicious smoked turkey smell. Once my sister and I threatened to boycott Thanksgiving cause my dad wanted to do something different. What’s the point then? Geez.

Someone somewhere is slicing into one of these bad boys and I am jealous of them. I hope they savor every last bite.


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