Jamie Leigh Marie

This is my sister with our grandmother, Nene. Too cute!

This is my sister with our grandmother, Nene. Too cute!

Tomorrow is a very important day. It’s my big sister’s birthday! Hurray! If you have a big sister then you are aware of how incredibly important they are. I’m ten years younger than my sister so I spent my whole childhood thinking she knew absolutely everything. I thought she was the best dresser (although I do remember a ankle length wrap around skirt that had cowboys printed on it), had the best taste in music (where did I get this from? Loving New Kids on the Block does not qualify as having great taste.), the best style (see below. Nuff said.), and so on.

Jamie is on the far left. Pretty hot!

Jamie is on the far left. Pretty hot!

My sister and I disagree on most things. We often disagree on politics, religion, Jacob vs. Edward (Jacob, duh.), food (I’m sorry but iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots does not make a salad), beer (her favorite? Michelob Ultra. No ma’am.) and all the other essential parts of life. We, like most children, like to make fun of our parents more than any other activity we could do together. We are not best friends, but we are great sisters. My sister (who let’s remember is a 10 whole years older than me) once threatened to beat up a girl in my first grade class because she was mean to me. I have brushed and braided my sister’s hair more than I have brushed my hair. To this day she still doesn’t know how to french braid because I always did her hair for her.

I’m proud of my sister. She is much  more generous than anyone else I know. She is full of sass and still likes to pin me to the ground until I cry uncle. Even though I only see her children a couple times a year, they know all sorts of things about me because she talks about me and shows them where I live on the map. To this day, nothing makes her madder than she thinks someone is mistreating my mom or I. Now that’s a big sister.

Happy birthday Jamie Leigh Marie! I love you!



One thought on “Jamie Leigh Marie

  1. Hi there! I’m a writer for TODAY.com, the online home for NBC’s “Today” show, and I’m writing a story about how to keep the peace with your siblings during the holidays, even though you may have differing political views. You may have seen reports on the Cheney sisters’ very public fight on social media over gay marriage – that’s what inspired this story:

    You have such a nice way with words, and this is such a thoughtful post – it’s clear you love your sister and have found a happy way to co-exist even though you disagree. Would you have some time to comment on the story today? Email me at melissa[dot]dahl[at]nbcuni[dot]com if you’re interested.

    I hope to hear from you soon!


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