Am I nesting?!

It appears, much to my dismay, that I may be nesting. Why this may not be disturbing to you, it definitely is to me. I am an adventurer! One who refuses to be tied down! One who needs nothing, can pack for a ten day Alaska trip in single gym bag! (Okay, that’s a lie. I also brought my bookbag.) I moved to Austin with all of my belongings packed into my Toyota Camry. 

How many Camrys did it take to move into my new studio apartment last weekend? Five! And a pick-up truck as somehow I now own furniture. Very scary. To make matters worse, I’ve started decorating and wanting to replace hand-me-down, scratched and should be discarded furniture with nicer, prettier things. I even bought this book:



As if that wasn’t terrifying enough, I think my man may be moving in with me. When will it all stop??!!


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