Girlfriends: Essential to Life

It’s been over a month since I last posted. That’s a little pathetic, because I really haven’t been that busy. But the Alaskan boy left once again which put a damper on my general attitude for life. The day that he leaves is normally both a great and terrible day. I think the terrible part is self-evident. There’s a lot of tears and a lot of clinging on. It’s only for six months at a time but I still find it incredibly hard. I never ask him to stay, because I don’t think it’s fair to, but I wish he would.

The great part of the day is that every time he leaves, I have a ladies night with Natalie. This year we opened it up to two more friends. There were cocktails, dinner, manicures, facials, hair braiding and a sleepover. A girl really can’t ask for much more.

Having great friends is possibly the most important thing in life. Let’s be honest, there are always going to be times when your romantic relationships let you down. It might be a break up or just a hard time but those things are made bearable when you have a good friend.

When I moved to Austin, I felt very lonely. That’s no surprise, don’t most people who move to a new city where they don’t know anyone? But on New Year’s Eve, a little over two years ago, I made two great choices. I kissed a boy that I still love kissing and I accepted the offer to go eat a sandwich at Whole Foods with Natalie. One is not less significant than the other. Meeting Natalie has opened me up to a whole group of people that I doubt I would know otherwise and has made me comfortable and at home in a town that is still relatively new to me.

And these new girlfriends? I don’t know what I’d do without them.



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