How to Transport Deviled Eggs on a Bicycle

Yesterday our supper club met at Republic Square Park for Austin’s “Movies in the Park”. We had a wonderful picnic and watched The Fifth Element. I also learned two things: 

1. Imitation mini-key lime pie can be created like so: 

  • Dip a Nilla wafer into a vanilla pudding
  • Put a little canned whipped cream on top
  • Squeeze a couple drops of lime juice on top

And voila! Delish. 

2. There is no information on the internet about how to transport deviled eggs when riding a bicycle. The answer my friends is to put the eggs back in the carton. They’ll stay just fine. If properly positioned, they won’t even get smushed. Natalie wanted this information shared with the world, so here you go!



One thought on “How to Transport Deviled Eggs on a Bicycle

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