Another Year

Sometimes these terrible unexplainable absolute tragedies happen. Things that leave you speechless. Things that make you think, how can one family or one town experience so much suffering? How does so much get piled on one plate?

The only reason, the only rationale I can come up with for these things happening is to make us grateful for the things we do have. We take for granted so much and if the only thing we take from these tragedies is that we start to appreciate the good in our lives, then isn’t that something?

Every year, most of us struggle with our birthdays, even if it’s just a little. We think about where our lives are going, the time we’ve wasted, what we want out of life, and of course, about that big 30/40/50 or whatever we’re approaching. That’s okay. It’s important to reflect. But for me, the most important thing that I do each birthday, is be thankful. I’m thankful first for another birthday and for my health. It’s something I’ve never to deal with. My health is something I always take for granted, but I know that I am lucky to do so. I’m also thankful for my family. I complain about them, like all people do, but the truth is I have no idea what I would do without any one of them.

So it’s another year for me. I’m 27 and a day. And I have a beautiful, kind, generous family. I have a sweet, genuine boyfriend. I have a job that is making me grow as a professional and as a person. I have friends who care about whether or not I have a good birthday. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.






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