Highlights of My Weekend

  • Had a lovely calm evening on Friday where I got to have along, much needed phone chat with my sweetheart.
  • Getting to see dear friend and old roommate, Ben, and wish him congrats! on his college graduation.
  • Dancing (although not exactly two-stepping) with an over the top dancer at the White Horse on Saturday. No one has danced with me like that since Gero left for Germany and I got to tell you, it’s pretty fantastic! It involved alot of being lifted up and spun around. Pretty great!


  • A brunch complete with clothing swap!
  • Sunday afternoon at Barton Springs. There’s really no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
  • Fast and the Furious 6. I know! It’s embarrassing but in case you were interested I’ll tell you: this movie is all that would expect. And more. You’ll laugh when you’re supposed to laugh. You’ll laugh when you’re supposed to cry. You’ll leave energized and have a dance party by yourself in your apartment at 1 am. On a scale of 1-10 how bad is it that I’m currently thinking of re-watching the old ones? Never mind, don’t tell me. Embarrassing guilty pleasures die hard. Fast and The Furious 6 Trailer
  • A chat with my girl, Nelli. Sometimes, all you need in the world is to talk to someone who really knows you. Someone you can pick up a conversation with as if you’ve never been apart.  I can’t remember now how many years it’s been since I’ve seen her last- 3? 4 years? Our talks are never as frequent as I’d like but each one is always special and gives me an extra burst of hope and joy for the world.


This is what I think of when I think of Nelli and I. Dancing, just us.


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