I Like Strong Women: Nancy Mo Edition

Today I came across an article on Austin Culture Map about a photographer who had taken photos of her 5 year old daughter dressed as important women in history. It was a different way to celebrate her daughter’s 5th birthday and it introduced her to the legacies of some very strong brave women. These women: Susan B. Anthony, Coco Chanel, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller and Jane Goodall are only a few of the many strong women out there who may inspire her daughter to greatness as they inspired so many others.

The natural outcome of reading this article was to think about the many women who have inspired and influenced my life. Once I started writing them down, I realized I might never stop. The list is endless. But I’d like to use this blog as a chance to recognize these women, whether they be characters in a book, famous ladies in history or people I see every day.

Let’s start off with someone really impressive. Nancy Mo.

Nancy has been providing services to those in crisis (namely sexual assault or domestic violence) for about 6 years now. And she’s only 25.  She’s currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. While she’s toyed with many ideas, her current hope is that one day she will work in the City of Joy, a revolutionary community for survivors of gender violence in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

This week Nancy is in Washington, D.C. for the Act Against Atrocities Advocacy Day hosted by The Enough Project and Raise Hope for Congo Campaign. For not only is she passionate about strengthening women, she is also passionate about educating others about the atrocities happening around the world. In D.C. Nancy will train, network, and lobby with other activists. She’s also been volunteering with “One Million Bones”, a “visual installation on the National Mall to commemorate past genocides and generate awareness and action on current conflicts in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and other areas affected by mass atrocities.” When she returns one of Nancy’s goals is to create a conflict mineral free campus at Austin Community College.

I have no proof or documentation that Nancy is changing the world. But I do know that she has not only helped many women in their darkest times and without people like Nancy, passionate and determined, the world will never improve. She believes in change and in action. Nancy and women like her are an inspiration to me and many more.

Nancy is currently raising money to pay for her trip to D.C. as well as to donate to the City of Joy. If you’d like to contribute or read more about her causes please here: Raise Hope for Congo and Nancy Mo


When Nancy isn’t busy making plans to save the world, she’s also a great friend.


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