Summer Movie Mania

It’s that time again! If you don’t live in Austin, you probably think “Summer Movie Mania” refers to the upcoming summer blockbusters. Honestly, I’ll probably go see Man of Steel but otherwise, there’s not a lot of big movies this summer that I’m pumped about. To me, summer movie mania means all the different movie series that happen here every year. They’ve just really kicked off in the last couple of weeks and I’m ready to start going! In case, you’re not familiar with your options here, let me break it down for you.

Paramount Classic Summer Film Series:

This one is for the lover of classic films and beautiful old theaters. It’s also the only series that happens indoors so you can get a welcome blast of air conditioning.The last two summers I’ve been a regular at these screenings. I’m most excited about the week of Daniel Day-Lewis films, followed by the week of Newman + Redford. Be still my heart!


Sound & Cinema: 

I’ve never been to this series before, but I’m hoping to go next week for the first time. It’s presented by the Long Center and features cult classic films that are preceded by local Austin bands. I wish I could have caught the Labyrinth last week but I’ll definitely be watching Back to the Future next month!


101X Summer Cinema: 

This series happens in back of the Central Market on North Lamar. It’s great to be able to run into the grocery and get your beer and snacks before and during the movie. I missed Can’t Hardly Wait last night but there’s still Karate Kid, The 5th Element, Tommy Boy and Star Trek left this year. The biggest problem with this series is that some dummy scheduled these screenings on the same nights as Blues on the Green. Poor choice. Come on, 101X.


Movies in the Park:

This one isn’t actually a summer movie series. It goes all the way to November which makes a lot more sense considering the fall is a much nicer time to watch movies outdoors rather than in the current sweat fest. Super pumped about A League of Their Own in July and Hunger Games in November. These movies are all shown in Republic Square Park which is also extremely convenient to my apartment. Heck yes.

A League Of Their Own-18

You see what I mean?! Now, who wants to go see a movie with me?


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