Happy Independence Day!

Happy Birthday America!

When I was in elementary school my dad and I would get up extra early on July 4th. My dad would have already read the Declaration of Independence by the time I got up but we would talk about it for a little bit before the next part of our tradition. While still inside the house we carefully hung our American flag on the flagpole and then marched outside around the yard and back up to the porch where we hung our flag with great pride. We then said the pledge of allegiance (as I had only recently gotten this down pat). I’m pretty sure this was then followed by doughnuts or pancakes or something equally fantastic. 

We also did this on Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. 

It was a pretty wonderful tradition until I was old enough to be too embarrassed to march around our yard in a two person parade. (It’s important to imagine this parade as led by an especially small blonde girl with buck teeth followed by a dad with bifocals and a pot belly. Even if I’m exaggerating how this looked, it’s how I remember it.)This year I celebrate our nation’s independence with less marching, more hot dogs and beer. 

Happy birthday America! Even though I often disagree with how things are going in our government (both state and federal) I am proud to be from a country built on principles and ideas. I don’t live in a perfect country but that doesn’t make me less proud to live here. 

Enjoy the 4th everyone! Be safe!


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