Abandonment Issues

I’ve practically abandoned you, fine blog. Three posts in almost a month? And none of them actually writing? Pathetic. I know you’re probably angry at me. Feeling dismissed, unloved. But it’s not true fine blog! My life has given me very little time for recently. First there was the painting of the new apartment. Then there was the moving in and attempting to get settled. And don’t forget the killing of all the spiders. I shudder as I remember them all.


And there was the making of the new curtains only to find out that measuring is really the key. And the hosting of events and the going to happy hours (non-negotiable necessity). And then the awful studying for the GRE and more importantly, the active avoidance of studying for the GRE.

But don’t worry I wasn’t wasting away watching endless episodes of Vampire Diaries and Bones again. How embarrassing would that be?! Instead I’ve watched all three seasons of Game of Thrones and many, many seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Way cooler.


And now I’m headed off to Alaska today where I will little to no contact with the Internet (woo hoo!). So, I’m sorry lovely blog but we’ll apart a little longer still.

It is my dearest of hopes to reunite soon and go back to our meaningful relationship. In the meantime, I got a plane to catch! So long!



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