I’ve got dancing on the brain today. The best part of living alone is there’s no one around to interrupt or witness your dancing. Do you dance alone? At home with the music turned up all the way? This is my favorite. Dancing is the best of physical expression. It is the quickest, most fun way to lose all your inhibitions even if only for a three minute song.

If you don’t dance at home, you should. It’s cathartic and energizing. It’s exercise! I’ve prepared a list of some of my favorites to get you started.

This list is NOT IN ANY WAY appropriate for all ages.

High Energy Tunes

I Am a Ballerina/Modern Dancer Type of Tunes

Click here for the playlist.

I’m missing a lot of great home alone “dance like no one is watching” type of tunes but that’s it’s impossible to list them all. This is just a start. Most of it is music from the height of my dancing alone days in high school and college but now that I actually live alone… it’s coming back ten fold! Enjoy.


The Importance of Dancing Alone

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