Full Time Equivalent Boyfriend

Today I went to a very long seminar on Benefits. And by Benefits I mean Human Resources Benefits (medical insurance, retirement- these sorts of things). There was a lot about the upcoming Health Care Reform. They talked about full time equivalent employees (the simplified definition of this is that if you have a whole bunch of part time employees and you add them up you get so many full time ones). All I could think about was that Alaskan boy was a full time equivalent boyfriend. You know like “to qualify as a full time or full time equivalent boyfriend one must actively participate in girlfriend’s life a minimum of six months annually for x hours each week. Only full time or full time equivalent boyfriends will be considered eligible to be called boyfriend publicly and introduced to family and friends.” No? Other people don’t think like this? 

Boyfriend season starts in T minus 17 days. Get ready y’all. 





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